Unable to update Windows 10 with DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption (FDE) enabled

Unable to update Windows 10 with DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption (FDE) enabled


Unable to install the latest build of Windows 10 when DESlock+ Full Disk Encryption (FDE) is enabled on the System Disk.

When installing it brings up an error stating:
Disable encryption to continue or run windows setup with the /reflectdrivers command-line option


As Security is a big portion of what I do, I have both my Work and Home Windows 10 machines Encrypted with FDE. Its definitely overkill for my home PC but it serves a purpose on my work machine. I can sleep happily knowing that if the machine is ever stolen – They’re not getting to my data. It’s probably also worth mentioning that I recommend having FDE in place for businesses.


I used the following article to get round it:

You need to Download the Media Creation tool, save an ISO and then install the DESlock+Win10Update utility:
DESlock+ Win10Update utility
When the Utility Runs, you need to point it at the mounted Win10 ISO. It will then complete the upgrade as normal.

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