A very quick review of the CORSAIR RAPTOR HS40

A very quick review of the CORSAIR RAPTOR HS40

I’ve recently purchased a CORSAIR RAPTOR HS40.  I’ve had the product for one week but will be returning this product within the next 24 hours

Here’s why I will be returning the HS40:

  1. Ear comfort – It’s not good. After an hour of usage, I find that my ears are hurting because of the ‘padding’.  I find myself moving the headset into different positions on my ear every few minutes in order to stop the ache.
  2. Sound Quality – It’s tiny.  There isn’t much Bass and the 7.1 surround sound doesn’t live up to the name.
  3. Microphone Quality – Yet another bad area.  I frequently use mumble as a means to communicate with my friends when online.  I didn’t have to tell my friends that I’d changed my headset, instead, their first words were:  “Why do you sound strange”.
  4. CORSAIR software – Not very feature rich and it only comes with a limited number of pre-set profiles. I’ve spent far too long trying to optimise the quality of the sound via the CORSAIR software, it still sounds poor.


The only positive thing I can say about this headset is that the noise cancellation is very good.  You can’t hear very much outside of the headphones when wearing them.

Hopefully, this post will have been useful to someone who is looking at purchasing this.

What did you end up going with?

I ended up going with the Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset. As per the description its only a Stereo Headset but the sound quality is good and the noise cancellation is fantastic. I’d recommend it for listening to music. There is a link below if you’re interested in reading about it:

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  1. Hello David,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable insight with the rest of us. I found it extremely informative and I will use this knowledge to find a headset which is more likely to provide a better ROI than the model you have reviewed here.



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